5 Housecleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy

Do you find yourself surrounded by a mess at the end of the week? The home that was clean on Sunday is disheveled and unrecognizable by Wednesday. If this is your reality, chances are you don’t have a plan for housecleaning. Many of us wait until our home is dirty to clean, which leaves us with a mountain of mess to tackle. Waiting until things are unbearable creates days, weeks, and sometimes months’ worth of mess to clean in a few hours. With these housecleaning tips, your house will stay as clean as it is on a Sunday.

No Time to Clean? The Answer is Multitasking

Multitasking can help with housecleaning. When you are waiting for your coffee to brew or water to boil, you can tackle a small household chore. Taking the time out of our day to complete two tasks at once optimizes your time and keeps your home tidy. All big messes start small, so finding small ways to curb small messes before they snowball into huge ones is a great way to spend your time. 

Use the correct cleaning tools

The reason why some spots in your house are never fully cleaned is that you are using the wrong tools. Certain surfaces and materials need specific cleaning techniques to ensure it is properly cleaned. Here are a few common instances where we use the wrong cleaning tools:

  • Cleaning windows and mirrors: Paper towels may seem like the most obvious way to clean mirrors and windows, but there is a better way. Since some paper towels can leave lint on the surface, it is best to use coffee filters or newspapers for a streak-free shine. 
  • Only using the vacuum cleaner for carpet: Hardwood floors and tiles can be vacuumed too! When we just sweep hard floors, we miss dust and other small particles. Vacuuming hard floors is a great way to thoroughly clean your floors and properly prepare them for mopping. 
  • Using an all-purpose cleaner for everything: All-purpose cleaners serve an amazing purpose in cleaning. They’re great for spills and small stains, but that does not mean you can use them for everything when housecleaning. Some surfaces need stronger cleaners, like stoves and ovens, and some need a gentle cleanse. Knowing when to switch out your all-purpose cleaner for something specific will clean these surfaces effectively.

Use new products for housecleaning 

If you prefer a natural approach, there are a few alternatives to traditional chemical cleaning products. You can use products you have at home, like lemons, baking soda, salt, and vinegar. You can also explore natural cleaning products made without harsh chemicals. 

Stay organized to keep the space tidy

A huge reason why our homes stay messy is that there is no home organization system in place. Items end up sprawled and scattered everywhere, and when it is time to clean, they have nowhere to go. Staying organized will maximize space and give items a home. Need some inspiration on where to start? Here are some examples of where to start organizing:

  • Closets: Most closets have a small shelf for organizing, but most people need more. Whether it is a clothing closet or a storage closet, organizing this space can make it easier for you to access your items, know where everything is, and keep the closet clean. 
  • Entryway: Coming home is such a comforting feeling. A quick way to change the feeling of comfort to stress is a messy entryway. Shoes, umbrellas, jackets, and other day-to-day items live in the entryway. Establishing and maintaining an organization system in this space will make your home relaxing again. 
  • Basements and Attics: Basements and attics are mainly used to store items. A lack of organization in these rooms can make finding things impossible. Creating an organization system for seasonal items such as holiday decorations or sports equipment will make you aware of what you already have to prevent buying the same thing twice.


Avoid the mess by putting everything where it belongs

As you get ready for your day, put everything back after you use it. A common mistake we make during the week is putting things where they do not belong, thus creating clutter and a mess. Here are some moments you can put things back in their place:

  • Getting dressed: Instead of throwing all your clothes everywhere when you get dressed, plan out a few outfit options. Once you find the outfit for you, take a few minutes to fold and put the clothes away. This keeps your clothes clean and wrinkle-free, and your space tidy. 
  • Cooking: Making your favorite dish requires food preparation, pots and pans, and of course, cooking the meal. A spread of ingredients and spices can clutter your counter space and make cooking your favorite meal a stressful experience. Putting items back when you are done alleviates space and gives you less to clean when you are finished. 
  • Dishes: After the grueling work of doing dishes, it is routine to leave them out to dry. However, if you don’t put dishes away you create more clutter in your counter space. Putting dishes away after the dry keeps them in one spot and supports an organization system. 

Clean as you go 

Certain tasks can get messy quickly. Activities like cooking and showering can be relaxing, but the cleanup can be a headache. A good way to remedy this is to clean as you go. While your food is cooking, wipe down the counters and wash the dishes. This will cut the housecleaning in half. Right after your shower, spray and wipe your tub as you step out. This will prevent dirt and buildup in your tub. Cleaning as you go makes housecleaning less stressful. 

Make a housecleaning schedule

It is statistically proven that if you plan for something, you are more likely to do it than if you do not. Making a schedule or routine for cleaning can keep you on your toes when keeping your house clean. If you need help cleaning, or just want a consistent cleaning schedule, Contact Prime Master Cleaning Services

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