5 Best Social Media Cleaning Trends Debunked

As social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram grow, so do specific trends on these platforms. Content of people cleaning their homes has become super trendy over the past year.
Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been looking for help and guidance when it comes to cleaning their homes. What started as cleaning tips quickly snowballed into the #cleaningobsessed trend.
The hashtag, #cleaningobsessed has over 92,200 posts on Instagram and over 77,000,000 views on TikTok. This growing popularity has, in a way, normalized certain cleaning habits to those who follow the trend. Just because these cleaning trends are popular, it does not mean that they are good for your home or health.
We are taking five of the most popular trends to see if they are truly keeping your home clean.

  1. Organization systems keep your home clean

    Keeping your home organized will keep your items in a visible place to easily find them. Having a specific place for everything can help reduce small clutter.
    An organized home can keep your home clean if you follow the organizational structure you have in place. Keeping your home organized can also save you a tremendous amount of time. You will not need to search your entire home for an item when you already know where it is. Keeping an organized home can also increase productivity in your home, as well as reduce dust and clutter to improve your overall quality of life.
    This is a trend that can actually help you in your day-to-day life. This cleaning-obsessed trend is actually worth trying!

  2. Using multiple cleaning products to clean your home is good

    Using cleaning supplies when cleaning your home is a given, but are you using too many? In this trend, many of the people are sharing how they clean their homes with multiple products for one area.
    For example, someone might clean a toilet with 3-5 different cleaners instead of using one general product. This can bring about issues in the chemical properties of these cleaning products since they are not all compatible. Mixing cleaning products can cause damage to your body, and in some cases, can cause you to faint. Be mindful of what products you use and use as directed.
    This cleaning-obsessed trend is dangerous, and it is best to stick to a few key products rather than using multiple at once.


  3. A Clean house is good for your health

    A clean home can help reduce stress, anxiety, and in some cases, depression. A clean environment will make your home feel less heavy and give you more space to enjoy your home. Along with improving your mental health, a clean home can make you more productive in your daily life. A heightened level of productivity can make work tasks go by faster and optimize your days.
    A clean home can improve your physical health as well. Cleaning your home frees your space of dust and dirt that might be lying around your home. When you sweep, vacuum, and dust, you are also helping with allergies that may be triggered by an unclean home.
    Cleaning your home on a consistent basis will also help with pests and mold. Cleaning tasks such as throwing out leftover food and consistently taking out the trash will lower your chances of getting pests and mold in your home. Keeping your home clean will help your physical health by avoiding the respiratory and effects of mold, dust, and pests.
    This cleaning trend is true! Keeping your home clean can help you maintain good health. You spend most of your downtime at home, so it is important to keep this space clean for your mental and physical health.

  4. You should clean every day

    Cleaning every day depends on your day-to-day tasks and commitments. Based on your lifestyle, cleaning every day may or may not work for you. Cleaning every day can curb big messes, especially if you have a large family or live with a lot of people.
    However, for those that live alone, cleaning every day might not be necessary since you are the only one making a mess. No matter how many people you are cleaning after, having a cleaning schedule will give you the time and space to clean as often as you need.
    If you need help with cleaning messes, big or small, contact us to discuss our cleaning services for your needs.


  5. Cleaning is relaxing

    Cleaning as a relaxing thing to do is really a personal preference. For some, cleaning is a relaxing and productive pastime. For others, cleaning is overwhelming and takes up too much time.
    Although it has become a trend to frame cleaning as relaxing, do not feel pressured to enjoy it if you find cleaning tedious. Sometimes cleaning before a major event, moving, or just your weekly task can be overwhelming and time-consuming.
    If cleaning is becoming a chore that is too much for you to handle, contact the cleaning experts at Prime Master Cleaners Services to clean your home on a schedule that matches your needs.
    Don’t let the task of cleaning stress you out. Call us and we will clean your home in a 1-2-3!

Are these trends worth it?

Trends come and go, but keeping a clean home is evergreen. Remember that not all cleaning trends you see on social media are productive or good for you.
When it comes time to clean your home, keep the factual trends in mind, and leave the debunked trends in the past. Clean your home with confidence knowing that you are keeping yourself safe.
Whether you are someone who cleans every day or someone who hates the thought of cleaning, a cleaning service can help you in various ways.
Hiring a cleaning service will keep your home sparkling clean and save you so much time to get back to what you love. Don’t fall into the cleaning trends, let the cleaning experts do the work for you. Your home can be spotless and organized with the help of Prime Master Cleaners Services!
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