It includes

Clean all moisture from surfaces to remove all spills.

Clean all the necessary areas outside the office.

Empty all garbage cans, clean them and replace the liners. Put the garbage in the collection place.

Vacuum the carpets.

Clean monitors (P.C).

Clean the hallways of all office areas.

Dust off all surfaces; all this includes desks, chairs, furniture, files, tables, pictures and all types of furniture.

Clean the refrigerator of water.

Clean the dust from the floor.

Clean the phones.

Clean the windows.

Inspect the entire office area at the end of the work.

Collect the garbage and take it to the collection area (clean, disinfect and put a garbage bag in the container).

Clean the mirrors and sinks.

Dust off all necessary areas.

Clean and disinfect the doors.

Mop and disinfect the floors.

Scrub all the areas that merit.

Replace towels and hand soaps.

Put toilet paper.

Clean and disinfect the toilets.

Clean all splashing areas.