A Cleaning Service Can Make You the Best Party Host

Use a Cleaning Service for Your Next Event

The summers are for bonding with your friends and family. The sun is out, and that means more time for fun in the sun and less time indoors doing tedious tasks. If you are the host with the most, you understand how much work goes into planning a great event.

Hosting events are time-consuming: from planning to the actual event, you are being pulled every which way to make things perfect. When you book a cleaning service for your event, you have one less thing to worry about. Your guests will be captivated by how spotless your home or space is, and you will have extra time to tend to the important details.

Let Prime Master Cleaners disinfect, clean, and organize your space before and after your event.

Ready to be the best host your friends and family have ever seen? If you said yes, it’s time to schedule a cleaning service for your next event. Keep these tips in mind when reaching out with Prime Master Cleaners Services. 

Size of the Event 

Whether you are hosting a big birthday bash or a small dinner party, you deserve to have a spotless space before and after your event. Your carefully curated guest list will impact the location and the overall scale of the event.

The size of your event will determine the scale and need for cleaning services, supplies, and staff. Larger events will need more time and resources, while smaller events may take less time. It is always best to share these details with the cleaning service to confirm it is within their range. Communicating the size of your event will give them a better idea of how to coordinate your cleaning service. 

Location of the Event 

Different locations are classified under different kinds of cleaning. If you plan to host your party at an office, venue, or larger location, you need a specific type of cleaning service. Cleaning in event spaces is known as commercial cleaning.

However, if you are hosting a party at your home, you can book a residential cleaning service. The location is another way to determine how large the event will be. Larger spaces require more staff and supplies to leave the area sparkling clean, while residential cleanings may take less time. If you are booking a venue space, make sure you reserve enough time for the cleaning service to come and do a thorough job for the space. 

Keep in mind some cleaning services travel a certain distance from their main office, so book with a company that is mobile and can travel to your location.  No matter what service you need, let Prime Master Cleaners handle all the cleaning tasks.


Time of Event 

The time of your event will help the cleaning service schedule the best time to clean your space. If you prefer midday brunch or a late-night party, that is no problem! The time of your event will help the cleaning service schedule the appointments in a timely manner with respect to you and your guests.

If your event requires setup from other companies, keep that in mind when scheduling your service. If you need pre-event and post-event cleaning, you should schedule your service a few hours before and after your event. Doing this gives your guests time to leave the venue so Prime Master Cleaners Services can work uninterrupted.

Communicate Specific Needs 

Depending on your type of event, you may need special tasks, accommodations, or requests when cleaning. For example, if you are hosting a party at your home and need certain areas deep cleaned, polished, or sanitized, share these extra needs with your cleaning service company. This will ensure that everything is how you need it for your event.

Most cleaning services offer packages that include certain services, as well as add-ons for specific requests. Choose the best package and extras for you, and if needed, follow up with a conversation about the add-ons. When you communicate any extra needs or accommodations, the cleaning service can do its job effectively and efficiently.


Book your cleaning service in Advance

Now that you have all this information, it is time to book your cleaning service! Booking in advance is a great way to confirm the cleaning service’s availability ahead of time. Waiting until the very last minute may lead to conflicts with the cleaning service, other scheduled factors, or your party itself. To make sure everything runs smoothly, contact the cleaning service as early as possible to schedule the best time for you.

Keep in mind that some cleaning companies may be closed for major holidays such as Labor Day, Memorial; Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Or New Year’s Day. We suggest that you book our cleaning service a month in advance or as soon as you know the location, size, accommodations, and time of your event. 

Schedule Prime Master Cleaners For Your Event Cleaning Service Needs

Overall, scheduling a cleaning service will save you precious time at your events. You will have the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, enjoy the party, and relax knowing a trusted and reliable cleaning company will leave the space tidy. Once the party winds down, call the experts at Prime Master Cleaners. We will get your space event ready in 1-2-3! We clean bathrooms, refrigerators, interiors, exteriors, yards, deep cleaning, general cleaning, janitorial work and so much more. Based on the size, location, and time of your event, Prime Master Cleaners will elevate your venue to a spotless and sparkling clean space for your event. 

From small brunches, office parties, and larger events, a cleaning service will take care of all your cleaning needs. Keep these tips in mind when coordinating a cleaning service and your special day will be a breeze. No matter the type of event you plan to host this summer, let Prime Master Cleaners take the stress of cleaning off your shoulders. Enjoy every moment and memory, leave experts clean your home!

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